bam, Shazam, buy through Google Play, man

bam, Shazam, buy through Google Play, man

shazam: would that be google play or amazon sir?

For the life of me, I can’t remember when I first used Shazam. I know it was so far back that I used to have to either call or dial a number to let it do its magic. Even when music recognition became built in to smartphones and other programs did the same thing, Shazam was the go to when it came to music identification.

It’s gone from strength to strength, but whenever I found a track I wanted to buy, it always ended up taking me to Amazon to buy things. In retrospect, it was probably a very smart move as I have amazon music clients on both iOS and android devices, so it’s pretty cross platform. However for the longest time I wanted to stay single platform when it came to music, and using Google Play as that platform of choice. Why not? There’s literally a client for my mobile and my laptop OS’ and if there isn’t – I can still listen to those 20 000 possible tracks from a browser.

Except… Whenever I used Shazam and found a track I really liked, and then it dumped me back into having to by through Amazon Music, then put it on my PC, then upload it to Google Music. It’s not a big deal, but it was fiddly. Now I don’t have to. The app now also has integration with Google Play and All Access, so I can buy quicker, easier. I like that. Not to be outdone, iOS 8 also has Shazam integration so you can let Siri do all the heavy Shazam lifting and allowing you to buy straight from the app store if you tend to use the Apple ecosystem a little more (or even exclusively).

Even in my workflow of doing things, this is cool.

Source: Shazam, Android and iOS stores.