Popping the lock – It’s easier than you think

There’s various reasons that people want to get phones unlocked and, although some networks are now supplying unlocked handsets as default, many people make the choice to unlock on a daily basis.

Let’s go through some of those reasons.

It could be that you’re looking to exit a contract early and perhaps want to sell on your old phone to cover the cost of buying yourself out. Many unlock before selling their handset as it’ll usually mean a higher resale price. Buyers would rather just buy an unlocked device on places like eBay rather than having to sort out the unlocking process themselves.

Popping the lock   Its easier than you think

Some unlock their current phones just to have the freedom of moving to another network, and many are choosing SIM-only or even Pay As You Go plans which offer better allowances. Usually a SIM-only or rolling monthly plan will be better because you’re not having to subsidise a handset. There’s a raft of MVNOs (virtual networks) out there and having the freedom to choose is appealing and cost effective.

Unlocking is also beneficial if you’re travelling abroad. Roaming charges are getting better, sure, but if you’re wanting to put a foreign SIM into your phone whilst on holiday or on business you could hit a network-locked road-block.

Popping the lock   Its easier than you think

Whatever the reasons, unlocking your phone is no longer a mysterious task involving cables and randomly downloaded software. It’s just a matter of going to an unlocking website and whacking in the handset and IMEI number. You pays your money, you get the unlock code and you’re done. Pretty simple and pretty quick too.