Kindle Fire HD gets a makeover

Kindle Fire HD gets a makeover
New Kindle Fire HD devices have also been announced today. There’s some funky colours and 6″ or 7″ versions with quad-core 1.5GHz CPU’s, dual cameras and Dolby Digital audio. Price-wise, they’re attractive – the 6″ is £79 and the 7″ is £119.

You can pre-order on the Amazon site and they will begin shipping next month. The new Fire OS 4 (Sangria) is included (more on that here) and there’s video chat, Gorilla Glass screen and a range of profiles for the entire family, so you get your own individual Facebook, Twitter accounts plus you get to save the page in your book.

Amazon will also be selling new accessories, including a protective cover available in six colours. This will stand your device up in either portrait or landscape mode.

Of course, this being an Amazon product you get access to stacks of books and movies plus other content.

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