Dropbox Suspends Auto-Upload for iOS 8 Launch **UPDATE*

Dropbox Suspends Auto Upload for iOS 8 Launch **UPDATE*

Dropbox has released updates to their Dropbox and Carousel apps that fix compatibility issues.

Tonight Dropbox announced in a blog post that they are suspending the use of their Camera Upload feature for iOS 8.

For those unaware, the feature allows users of their iOS app to have photos and videos they’ve taken automatically uploaded to the cloud, allowing for a backup available on any device.

The company says due to compatibility issues with Apple’s latest software update, Dropbox (and also-owned Carousel) are prevented from uploading properly.

From Dropbox…

If you upgrade to iOS 8, don’t delete photos or videos from your devices until you’re sure that your stuff has backed up to Dropbox.

Updates have been pushed for both Dropbox and Carousel that prevent Camera Upload from being enabled.