Camera’s ready, prepare the Flash

For £49.99 this may look like a watch, but it’s not. This is the “Flash” and will be available mid November from Currys / PC World. It’s a really easy-to-use fitness and sleep monitor.

Cameras ready, prepare the Flash

It’s waterproof (for up to 30 metres too) and is made from a soft-touch plastic so you can wear it while you’re asleep without too much fuss. There’s stacks of bright colours to choose from and you can pop it out of the strap to wear in other places on your body too – on your shoes, trousers, belt etc.

It follows in the footsteps of the Shine product from the same company and automatically tracks your steps, distance, calories and …well, all this reminds me of this “Not Going Out” scene…

Back to the product then, and the whole front of the Flash is a button and you can check your progress easily by pressing it. It’ll sync with the relevant iOS and Android app.