Rumours – what are they worth?

Rumours   what are they worth?

Let’s get the what right out of the way: There’s been a tip from a trusted source that CPW will have the new Nexus device on sale on 1 November. Interesting, right? That gives all us all sorts of possible timelines to work with.

But what does that mean? One lone rumour means it can be trusted, much less substantiated. But that got me thinking. Even if the Nov 1st date is true, we can’t work backward to confirm when the new Nexus will be announced, or will be up on sale anywhere else. We can’t even guess when it’ll go up on sale in the Play Store, much less when it will be shipped. Hell, we haven’t even got confirmation of the name of the device (are they going to go with 6, for 6th generation, or come up with some new arbitrary nomenclature?). Over the last year, I’ve heard tell that HTC, Motorola and LG are going to produce the next Nexus.

This rambling wasn’t going to be written up, as not only does it have no bite, there’s very little bark. But it’s small things like this, trickling in bit by bit. It’s the tiny pieces of information from a myriad of sources. It’s the putting together those little elements into a smarter whole that makes this industry so much fun to write about.

Most of the time, those little titbits of information don’t pan out the way we want them to. But sometimes, every now and again, they do. So – in case you haven’t worked it out, there’s a rumour that CPW will have the new Nexus available to buy on Nov 1st. Read into that what you will.