NFC on the iPhone 6. All you can do is pay with it

During Mobile World Congress I gained entry to the event via NFC and special app. It was a bit like the a Oyster card system on the Tube here in a London and seemed to work rather well. There was a big push during the event for NFC technologies. NFC tags to initiate certain tasks, NFC tech to initiate pairing on Bluetooth speakers, the list goes on.

NFC on the iPhone 6. All you can do is pay with it

Paying for items, at the moment, isn’t something we use the NFC in our phones for currently. Yes, sure, you might have a bank card that’ll let you do the “pay by tap” thing, but that’s as far as it goes currently.

Apple introduced NFC in their new iPhone 6 handset but, according to details received by Cult of Mac, you’ll only be able to pay with the inbuilt NFC tech. Nothing else. It only works with ApplePay. This is NFC, but not as you know it.

In time it’s hoped that this will change, and the NFC chip could become more accessible. This may not happen until next year though.

For all those Bluetooth speaker manufacturers, this is s little disappointing.