Windows phones, minus the Phone

Picked up by Neowin, this is a small peek at a new phone by a company called My Go. The handset itself should be the bigger story here, but no. It’s what’s missing.

The unreleased smartphone is a 4.7″ device powered by Windows Phone 8.1 but, as we mentioned earlier, the word “Phone” is being deprecated. So, even though it’s powered by Windows Phone, you’ll see lots of advertising instead stating…

Time to Go Windows

Based on the sales of the corresponding desktop OS, I’d say most people are going the other way right now, so just calling it a Windows smartphone could be a risky step. However, images of the device show that this is indeed where things are headed..
Windows phones, minus the Phone

We revealed in our earlier story how Microsoft are to dispose of the Nokia and Windows Phone branding, preferring instead to have just “Windows” stamped on handsets.