Motorola’s online stores make it to our rainy shores

Motorolas online stores make it to our rainy shores

Firstly, if you have still decided to indulge in this article after reading my terrible rhyming title, thank you.

Motorola has, for a short while, been selling their latest generation phones through their own website in the US. This current generation has been met with open arms and has placed the Razr creators back into the front of handset manufacturers. Their budget ‘G’ handset sold so well in emerging markets that it made it to a much wider release globally, albeit with a slightly tweaked specification sheet. Following on from this was the long anticipated¬†‘X’ model that Motorola offered through their US store via ‘Moto Maker’, a portal to customise the material, design and feel of the phone.

While all this has been going on us Brits have just been sat here on our island gazing lovingly across the pond at what could be. Well, my friends, the wait is over. This morning the Motorola UK store opened it’s virtual doors. Right now you can visit¬†and order yourself the latest generation Moto G. The Moto X and 360 both feature on the site but currently you can just register interest in the devices. Motorola have also promised that the Moto Maker will make it’s way to the UK, presumably with the release of their latest generation Moto X.

Source – Motorola Shop