Have Apple just become a little less Apple-like?

Just to get something out in the open, I’m a big fan of Apple, the iPhone & iOS.
The beauty of the devices the way that everything just works is simply superb and my iPhone has enriched my life.

Everything Apple has done with the design of its devices has always made sense, and every change implemented could be explained with straight forward logic.
Apple have never followed other manufacturers or market trends, indeed they have led the industry based on their own fundamental principles.

This week Apple Launched 2 new iPhones the iPhone 6 & the 6 Plus, both featuring larger screens then previous iPhone models but with the the 6 Plus featuring a Phablet sized display.

So then, the choice between the devices for the consumer is simply down to a preference in screen size isn’t it? Unfortunately the choice between the devices is not that simple as that, as the handsets have other significant differences.

Have Apple just become a little less Apple like?

The New iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6 Plus could be seen as Apple’s true flagship device as it has a few significant improvements over the smaller iPhone 6, with a higher resolution screen, better battery life, and better camera functionality.

This is seemingly where it feels like Apple have stepped way from their usual ethos, as now it becomes difficult for some of us start to recommend either of the new iPhone 6 models.

For example – the iPhone 6 Plus is a very large phone and it may be too large for the average person to hold comfortable. I personally dislike large phones so I wouldn’t even consider the 6 Plus.

It’s also a very expensive device , a certainly out of the price range of many.

However we also need to look at the difference in specifications.
Could I really own or recommend the iPhone 6 knowing that it had a poorer camera, lower resolution and significantly worse battery life then the 6 plus, it certainly becomes a more difficult proposition.

Apple have always made the decision to purchase a new iPhone an easy one to make – until now, which really isn’t very Apple like at all.