Vodafone enable HD Voice too

Vodafone enable HD Voice too
One of the reasons I didn’t want to leave Orange was because me and my wife were both customers and I’d got used to the HD voice quality. In the early days (Orange rolled out HD Voice in 2010) this wideband audio functionality was only available on just a few phones too.

HD Voice, according to the people who market it, gives “clearer sound quality”, “easier to recognise voices” and “reduced listening effort”. Basically it makes people sound like they’re in the same room. More lifelike. If you’ve used VoIP in your office then you’ll know how good it can sound.

Today Vodafone have announced that they’re at it too, although it seems that the increase in quality is only on Vodafone-to-Vodafone calls on compatible handsets. It’s part of their £1 billion spending on their network and comes on top of the £802 million they spent on “the largest portfolio of mobile spectrum” last year.

More details on the offering can be found on vodafone.co.uk/hdvoice

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