I demand a refund!

I demand a refund!

Back in the good old days you could buy an app from the Android Market, as it was then, and have a whole 24 hours to make your mind up if you wanted to keep it or not. If it turns out that is was actually totally useless you could get a refund.

This, however, was deemed a little too long as people could buy a game, get a good amount of play time out of it, then just return it and never have to pay a penny.

The powers that be at Google HQ heard the cries and the refund time was bought down to just … 15 minutes! Now, I don’t know about you but on one or two occasions it has taken longer than 15 minutes to download the app because it’s come with some enormous additional file!

Well now the refund time has been lengthened again. If you buy an app you’ll have two hours to decide if it’s any good, a much more reasonable period of time for you to realise you actually didn’t want the new Angry Birds spin off game…

Source – Google Support