Traveling on the bus does have benefits

Public transport is my thing. I use it to get to work and to see friends. In a way I quite like it, because instead of being one of those people texting while driving (and believe me. I see this a lot from up high in the buses), I’m safely texting, browsing and Facebook-ing while someone else does the driving. I can ever write this article, which is a good use of my time too.

I also like to people watch, and a train or bus is a great place to see trends. Beats headphones in particular seem to have exploded of late, with a great deal of people choosing these rather expensive “cans” because they’ve probably seen them in several music videos. I’ve also seen a increase in people watching TV shows they’ve downloaded – whether that’s legally or illegally.

Traveling on the bus does have benefits

The impossibly popular Facebook shows no sign of loosening it’s grip on my fellow travellers, and I can see at least two people with the “F” logo on their phones from here.

It’s mostly phones too, although the guy next to me seems to be using the

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