October Fool’s Day? Meet Viro, the phone that never needs charging

October Fools Day? Meet Viro, the phone that never needs charging

No, this is not some sort of late April Fool’s Day prank.  Just as James wrote about the need for innovation recently, the one area that old dumb phones still triumph over modern smart phones is in battery life.  Long gone are those days where a battery would last a full week.  According to a new mobile phone company, Viro, this is all about to change.  On their Facebook page they have teased that they will make a revolutionary announcement on 1 October about their new Android phone which, wait for it, WILL NEVER NEED CHARGING.  I hear sharp intakes of breath and cries of disbelief (I fainted).  Utilising not one but THREE sources of renewable energy, the phone will survive without the need for external power.  Not only is this going to be the battery to end all batteries, but it has impressive specs too:

– Qualcomm’s never before released Snapdragon 810 processor

– 5.21″ IPS screen with resolution of 424 PPI

– Gorilla Glass 3 screen

– Waterproof

– Sony’s 20.7 megapixel camera

– 8 megapixel front-facing camera

Viro is frustratingly silent about how this feat of power saving will work, but it did add that:

“To boost energy saving we used the GRAM, a memory which disables GPU and a part of the system-on-a-chip when a static image is displayed on the screen, allowing it to consume approximately 26 per cent less.”

Frankly, until they offer proof I’m a little sceptical.  What do our readers think?

Source: https://www.facebook.com/getVIRO?fref=ts