Easily control your home appliances with your phone

Controlling stuff around the home with one of those funky home automation things does seem quite daunting, but this doo-hickey seems like a pretty good and simple solution. It plugs into any electrical socket and, using a smartphone app, lets you flick appliances on or off.

Easily control your home appliances with your phone

The WiSPP sockets connect to your WiFi and then you just use your phone to turn stuff on or off around the house. It’s ideal for those those phone chargers, lamps, irons, TVs, consoles or electric blankets that you can easily leave turned on.

There’s an iOS and Android app and it means you can flick the lights on before you get home (or if you’re on holiday), turn off the iron if you’re called out of the house or you could even control appliances for others – perhaps turning off devices for elderly relatives etc. It’ll work on any data connection anywhere – you don’t have to be in the house.

It is, according to the makers, simply a matter of plugging in the WiSPP, downloading the free SmartPoint app, then entering the WiFi details. Done.

Each one of these is £29.98 and you can get more details here. There’s a lovely promotional video for you below..