Sony Announce the SmartBand Talk & SmartWatch 3

Wearables are a current hot trend and not wanting to be left behind today Sony have announced 2 new smart wearable devices
The SmartBand Talk & the SmartWatch 3

The SmartWatch 3 is Sonys entry into the Google Wear field and includes 4Gb of on board memory coupled with a quad-core 1.2GHz processor and is powered by a 420mAh battery which Sony claim should keep you going for a couple of days of typical use.
The SmartWatch 3 includes a 1.6″ 320×320 TFT display, which certainly answers our initial criticism of the original SmartWatch.

Sony Announce the SmartBand Talk & SmartWatch 3

The SmartWatch 3

The SmartWatch 3 also includes plenty of features for those who like to take advantage of the outdoors with included Accelerometer, compass, Gyro, GPS Technology and waterproofing.

Bluetooth is included so that you can connect the SmartWatch3 to a Bluetooth headset to take your playlist with you.

Looking streamlined,  sleek and smart whilst not setting the world on fire the SmartWatch 3 is a solid entry into wearable consumer technology.

The SmartBand Talk takes a slightly different approach with a curved ‘always on’ curved e-paper display (a bit like the pebble).

Sony Announce the SmartBand Talk & SmartWatch 3

The SmartBand Talk

Featuring compatibility with Sony’s fitness software, waterproofing, an enhanced accelerometer and altimeter technology which is used to capture your physical activity, the SmartBand Talk is aimed at those looking at a practical approach to wearable technology.
With it’s built in speaker and microphone the SmartBand Talk makes real that golden Nirvana of using a watch as a phone, and one that even supports HD Voice.

This is very much feels like a second generation of wearable technology which is both exciting but also a little sad for those early adopters who have already invested in a now outdated SmartWatch.