Is Google Docs a viable replacement to Microsoft Office 365 (iOS Update) ?

Google have taken a step forward in their on going mission to make Google Docs a viable option in the productivity space with key upgrades to their office suite apps on iOS.

Now available as standalone Apps on iOS outside of Google Drive the Google Docs (Word processor), Sheets (Spreadsheet) & Slides (Presentation) Apps provide feature rich collaboration tools across the cloud.

Is Google Docs a viable replacement to Microsoft Office 365 (iOS Update) ?

Office Compatibility now included

The Apps may have a streamlined (somewhat bare) interface but are easy to use and whilst missing some bells and whistles of traditional desktop versions, they contain much of the core functionality that most would require from office suites. This now includes the ability to create, open and save documents in the industry standard Microsoft Office Standard format.

Connected through a Google Account to the Google cloud ecosystem, real time collaboration is possible and through the use of web storage you can take your work with you.

With iOS having such a large footprint in the business market place these app upgrades may provide a convincing alternative to its Microsoft competitor.
Email, Contacts, Calendar, (incredible) Maps, Word, Excel & PowerPoint, it would seem that Google should be considered a serious competitor, and at unbeatable value for money.

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