Google Release Photo Sphere Camera for the iPhone

Google have released their 360 degree camera tool, the Photo Sphere Camera App for iOS.

Originally released for Android Devices, the Photo Sphere Camera app uses the rear camera and gyroscope on the iPhone to capture high quality 360 degree images as you rotate the camera around you.

The Photo Sphere Camera App uses photo stitching techniques to produce a single image which you can interact with to rotate the image on your device, or even upload to Google Maps, allowing you to contribute to enriching the world wide collaborative tool.

Google Release Photo Sphere Camera for the iPhone

Google’s Photo Sphere camera App is now available on iOS

The app is easy to use, a single button press starts the capture process and you line the camera view up with the on screen dots to capture the image, the more dots you cover the more complete your Photo Sphere becomes.
When you are happy that your Photo Sphere is complete you can end the process and see the end result before deciding to share it or not.

Google have a good track history of supporting iOS and the iPhone, and the Photo Sphere Camera App continues this trend.

You can download the Photo Sphere Camera App from the Apple App Store by clicking here.