Introducing Student Developer Profiles

Introducing Student Developer Profiles
Developers are the architects of our modern world. Without them, the device you’re using to read this would not exist. Neither would Facebook, Twitter, or the GPS in your car. Every day they are creating amazing things to help make our lives better.

Programming is a skill everyone should be learning – and, indeed, could easily learn. It opens doors for so many people and will ever-improve our future. Schools are providing coding classes so their pupils can discover how the software they use everyday ticks. However, some students are going beyond the five hours a week they get to spend in those classes and are creating amazing games, apps, social networks, and more. They are the people who will run the world of tomorrow, which is why we wanted to give up the spotlight for them. Create a place where they can talk about how they got started, and the projects they’re working on that make them come back to their computers every day.

Starting this Thursday and every fortnight thereon, we will be running interviews with these teenagers to give them the credit that they deserve for their amazing and inspirational creations.

If you would like to be interviewed for this series, please do not hesitate to email me.

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