Fireman Sam shows how it’s done

When I was a kid, perhaps 18 or 19, I used to love Fireman Sam. I’m sure there’s quite a few of you out there who remember the song…

He’s always on the scene, Fireman Sam
And his engine’s bright and clean, Fireman Sam
You can not ignore
Sam is the hero next door


Fireman Sam shows how its done

Now the Fireman Sam : Fire & Rescue game is available for Android. It’s been available for iOS already but is now also listed on Amazon, Google Play, Samsung and Nook App Stores for £1.99 / $2.99 USD.  Get it here if you’ve got Google Play or Amazon here.

The game features a special reward sticker book and in-games such as Mountain Adventure, where you need to use your helicopter to lift everyone to safety. There’s also Neptune’s Mission, where you need to rescue villagers from the water, and Fire Engine Rescue , where you use your fire engine to put the fires out across Pontypandy.

There’s more games too, and they’re all geared to pre-school kids. Get more details below.


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