Peter Molyneux’s Godus is available now for the iPhone

The long awaited spiritual successor to Peter Molyneux’s classic Populous, Godus has been launched today on iOS platforms and is free to download.

Originally crowd funded through a Kick Starter campaign in 2012, and through high profile campaigns like ‘Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube?’ the anticipation for Godus has continue to grow ever since.

Based on a similar premises to the legendary Populous, Godus requires you to take the role of a deity and build a devoted following of civilians.
Starting with 2 followers, you have the ability to alter terrain and water levels until you provide the perfect location for them to build their homestead.
After your followers settle into their home, your population will increase and your new follower will be able to build a new home and start a family of their own.

As your following increases so does your ability to command greater feats and your population becomes more civilised, and added power ups will continue to add to your abilities.

The game appears to hold plenty of character with stylish cartoon like in-game visuals, not dissimilar to the original Populous, and on an iPhone 5s everything moves along at a smooth pace.
A mobile friendly touch based control scheme making interaction with the environment easy and natural as swipes raise and lower terrain and context sensitive single presses allow you interact with followers.

The original Populous was one of those rare games that captured a whole generation and made Peter Molyneux a star in the industry, and whilst early indications are promising, it is of course far to early to say if Godus will have a similar impact in a gaming world with very high expectations…time will tell.

Godus is available now in the iOS App Store.