Three to offer ‘pre credit checking’

Ever wanted to move network but worried that a silly mistake you might have made or overlooked ages ago hit your credit file and would mean you might get declined?

Maybe you just took a large loan or mortgage but want to move network and think this might count against you?

Well Three are about to start offering ‘pre credit checking’ which means you can see if you would pass for a new contract or not, without the worry of a black mark against your credit report for being searched again.

Three to offer pre credit checking

This is a very clever idea by Three and will help add many more customers to their network if you know you can be credit checked without the risk of a decline going against you, and those who do get accepted will be more likely to take out the deal there and then instead of going elsewhere.

No ideas when this will actually roll out, the Three site says it is ‘coming soon’ so keep checking the link below, and if we find out any more information this post will be updated

Link: Three