Bioshock is Heading to the iPhone – A Big Game for Small Screens

For some of us, Smartphones provide the only way to indulge in a little gaming on a regular basis, either we don’t have a lot of leisure time on our hands or there is serious competition for the main screen in our households.

Generally there is a significant gap in the quality between mobile games and full blown console games, even where the title of the game is the same. Mobile games generally have to make a number of compromises to take into account the smaller scale hardware in question, in fact AAA class games are still in a minority in the App Store.

Just maybe the trend is starting to change as one of the most popular and spectacular games of the previous console generation, BioShock, is being brought to modern iPhones by 2K Games as a Premium Priced Mobile Game.

Bioshock is Heading to the iPhone   A Big Game for Small Screens

Bioshock is coming to the iPhone

Set in the submerged Art Deco city of Rapture, Bioshock takes you on a first person adventure battling DNA altered survivors of a scientific mishap, originally developed by Irrational Games in 2007 Bioshock won many awards and the imagination of many gamers when originally released.

To help make the transition between large and small screens, 2K Games are adapting the control system for the iPhone to use either on screen context sensitive touch buttons or for those who prefer physical buttons MFi controller support is also included.

Known for it’s incredible atmosphere Bioshock is possibly the highest profile mobile game released for sometime, and may help bridge the gap between console and mobile games, however this conversion will present a challenge to keep the spectacular atmospherics intact, especially given Apples 2GB app size limit.

Early signs are promising but only time will tell if this really is the start of a new phase in mobile gaming.