Aces of Luftwaffe review

I don’t normally review games for smart phones as I don’t normally play them but this one caught my attention in a big way so I figured what the hell.

Aces of Luftwaffe review


The premise of the game is very simple it is a top down rolling shooter that as all the usual hallmarks for the genre. These include stupendous powerups and a seemingly impenetrable amount of enemies coming at you from every possible angle. It works quite well and it is all good fun, as you develop your skills your rank of pilot increases allowing ever increasing spec of planes. The graphics are nice but nothing to write home about. Here are some screenshots of the game below.

So far it is fairly normal. This is however where it gets interesting as the developers of the game decided they wanted to enhance the game by using wearable tech, in particular Sony Wearbale Tech. They have gone and allowed the motion of the Sony Smartwatch/Smartband to be recognised as an input method for the control of the game. I have put a small vid togethor to try and show you this working on my Xperia Z Ultra.

The motions for control are quite simple really rotation right and lift will move your plane right or left. Tilt your wrist forward then the plane goes the front. Pull back and your plane pulls back. With a little bit of concentration then you will be able to guide you little plane anywhere.

I have to say that this is a very clever use of the Smartwatch/Smartband technology to aid with creating a more interactive and engaging gaming method. Fair play to the devs and Sony in getting this work. Another thing that separates this from other wearable devices this can be used on any Android 4.0.1 and is not just restricted to Sony like it is with Samsung’s solution.


Great little game great use of additional tech and a very good looking future for this developer. If you own a Smartwatch or a Smartband then get this game downloaded today as it is really nice way to use this smart device.

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