Qcktag – Android app review

Qcktag   Android app review

Qcktag is the solution to a problem you probably didn’t realise you had. Once used it becomes a bit addictive and can be damn handy as well. What is it about and what does it do? Read on…

Contact lists on mobile phones. They grow and grow as you meet more and more people and use your phone more often. Indeed famed thespian and Twitterite Stephen Fry recently stated that he never deletes contacts from his phone ever and (due to the recyclable nature of mobile phone numbers) fully expects at some point to receive a call from someone on his contact list that is actually a totally different person with the same number that now knows him! This worrying thought to one side, how do you decide on who to save as a contact? Does your local pizza emporium make the grade? What about the hotel you’re visiting on the weekend? Or the new work colleague you’ve just been introduced to? Qcktag is the answer!

Qcktag   Android app review

Qcktag is a ‘pre-contacts list’ app. It exists primarily so you can keep track of temporary numbers you need to use and have available at short notice but don’t want to add to your contacts list. When you make or receive calls using unknown numbers the application asks you (via a notification or a pop-up) if you want to add a quick tag for that phone number. This is added to an easily searchable list of temporary contacts that is simple to access and doesn’t clutter your phone contacts with a bunch of numbers you won’t want long-term. You can also tag texts in the same way. When needed it is easy to know where to look for a number: if you’d not really want it permanently in your contacts list it’ll be in Qcktag. Also handy is that it records the time and date that the new contact was used which certainly helps with numbers that appear in your phone after a big night out! Within the app a button click on a tag offers you the choice to call or email the number, delete the tag or add to contacts proper if you want to promote the number to permanency.

Qcktag   Android app review

I contacted the developer asking him if it was in his plans for the app to be able to save your list of quick tags (as some of us on the site tend to use a few different phones at any one time) and he replied the same day saying yes and low and behold the app was updated the following day! I sent an email expressing my thanks and asking a few questions. ‘A Little Spark’ is an independent developer who codes Android apps in his free time as a hobby. He coded most of his apps because he needed them – he felt they filled a gap that was lacking during his day to day phone experience. He has several other apps on the Play Store including:

Fitmath All in one fitness calculator
Body fat and LBM log – to track weight, fat and Lean Body Mass
Mark all SMS read – does one thing – marks all your SMS as read.

How applicable this is to you entirely depends on how often you call ‘temporary’ , new numbers, how large your existing contacts list is and if mixing the two matters to you or not. I’ve found this app to be really useful with a nice, clean look and intuitive user experience. It makes my phone work more how I’d ideally want it to and is more intuitive and convenient than adding numbers on a document in Evernote, Dropbox or wherever and then accessing it, copying and pasting the number into your dialer and then clicking call.

You can try the app for free by clicking on the link below. If you really start to get into it and save up more than the allowed 6 tags you can go pro and have unlimited tags. Give it a try, it’s free and you may find it makes you smartphone experience better!

Play Store link to Qcktag app