I get a lot of requests to post stuff. This one is for free.

People often ask me to post stuff here. I get a lot of very random emails from companies from Shenzhen in China especially. Usually they start with “Hello friend, battery supply we can. You buy we price good. You review?”

However, my mate wanted me to mention something about the NHS Give Blood app. No, before you ask, this isn’t some magical app that’ll extract your bloody using a port on your phone. It’ll let you donate blood based on your location. The app, which is available for Android, iOS and yes, even Windows Phone, will let you book an appointment through their “Self Service” system or you can change or cancel an existing appointment.

Not only that, but you can view just how much blood you’ve donated and even look at your personal details and edit them to your hearts content (geddit? eh? geddit?)

I get a lot of requests to post stuff. This one is for free.

The app will also let you rub your friends faces in your amazing-ness by giving you a Facebook share option. Personally I reckon my mate only gives blood because he gets free tea, free biscuits and the nurse is pretty nice.

Hang on… I think I will download this.

You can also just go to blood.co.uk and do it that way too. Either way, it’s a fantastic thing to do.