Microsoft begin Nokia bloodbath

Microsoft begin Nokia bloodbath
With the name “Nokia” now forever connected to Windows Phone, Microsoft are having to make some pretty big decisions. One of the first is to layoff a massive 12,500 staffers from the Nokia team. Yes, 12,500.

The cuts from the mobile business form the bulk of the 18,000 cuts in Microsoft as a whole and will cost the company between $1.1bn to $1.6bn (£643m to £935m) over the coming year. Just to put this into perspective, these are the biggest cuts since the company was formed 39 years ago.

The staff changes, which are detailed here, will make a large dent in the 127,000 staff currently employed at the company across the globe, but we don’t know exact numbers on how many of the 3,500 current UK staff will leave.

Chief executive officer Satya Nadella told staff…

Making these decisions to change are difficult, but necessary.

Staff are to be told of their fate in the next few months and the cuts will be complete by June 2015.