Free Windows Phone satnav to get you home

Free Windows Phone satnav to get you home

We all know about the ongoing issues with getting Google services on your Windows mobile, and that includes Google Maps for your satnav needs. Luckily Nokia Drive/Here Maps is available now, but there’s another entrant in the ring. Copilot was one of the original people who developed Satnav for mobile (if one remembers even halfway well that far back). Garmin and Tomtom were the other two big dawgs in the navigation arena.

Well, Copilot is back, with UK maps for free, for Windows Phone. They’ve got it as a fremium product. You get 6 months of live traffic updates thrown in with the free version.

If you want Europe maps, it’ll set you back £23.99, and you may also need to pay out a little for turn by turn navigation.

Is it worth a look? Well, how much does free cost? Now who needs to rely on Google Maps? There are always options for those who are prepared to take a look.

Get more details on their website here.