Nokia Lumia Cyan Update roll out starts

Nokia Lumia Cyan Update roll out starts

The time that all Nokia WP8 users have been waiting for has arrived. Microsoft just announced that the Lumia Cyan Update is starting to roll out …!

It will be reaching your device very soon and will bring some significant enhancements to your device. The main features that you can expect to see are the following…

-Cortana (USA at first then other countries soon)
-Third column of Live tiles
-Wallpaper on your Start Screen behind the Live Tiles
-Action Center
-Wordflow Keyboard
Nokia Lumia Cyan Update roll out starts

Nokia Lumia Cyan Update roll out starts

These are the main highlights which we have seen extensively in the beta. This has been available for developers already, however we will get few new Nokia Goodies as well…

-Enhanced Nokia Camera and Camera Roll
-Updated Storyteller and Living images
-Install apps to SD Card
-Nokia Device Hub
Nokia Lumia Cyan Update roll out starts

This is just a fraction of what is being brought to the fore by the update as there is a huge amount of other functionality coming that is largely hidden behind the scenes.

I have been running the developer version of WP8.1 on my Lumia 1020 for the past few months and I can say with complete honesty this update makes WP a real contender on the market. The fact that this announcement is con in coding with the Europe-wide launch of the Lumia 930 is by no means an accident, as this phone is to be the poster child of WP 8.1 and all the features that come with it.

There is a full copy of the press release below and more info can be got from Nokia Conversations along with the dates of the roll out for your phone, please remember that this may also be carrier affected. UK is right at the bottom of the list.