Saving battery power on your Android – LeanDroid

Saving battery power on your Android   LeanDroid
I was going to open this particular story by discussing battery life, and how it’s generally pretty rubbish, but you know all that already. There’s a few ways to fix this. You can get a portable charger, you can plug your phone in every few hours, you can get a bigger battery or you can fiddle about with your phone settings and generally turn everything off.

None of these are ideal. However, if you could perhaps pinpoint what’s sucking your poor battery dry, and control that a bit, that’d help. If you’ve got and Android handset then LeanDroid looks to be a good solution. It’ll disable WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth at a certain time after your screen has been disabled. There’s quite a bit of granularity in the options too, including disabling connections only if there’s a small amount of data transfer, and disabling Bluetooth only if there’s no devices connected.

However, despite the cleverness and range of options is pretty easy to setup and get going. The app has also received some glowing reviews and it’s very lightweight too. The end result should be a much improved battery life without a massive alteration in the way your phone operates. Win win.

Download the free version (with in-app purchases), here on Google Play.