Hooligans ‘The Bravest’ iOS revew

Hooligans The Bravest iOS revew

We’re British, it is therefore in our bones to love booze, brawls, and the beautiful game…

In a twist to the myriad World Cup games comes a novel approach: Hooligans ‘The Bravest’.

What can we expect of this celebration of all that makes us proud? According to the developers…

In a distant land where football is a way of life, a military government decided to ban the sport…

Your job is to ‘choose a hero’ to lead the fight against this oppressive tyranny.  Little American hobbits fighting on Green Street this ain’t.

Hooligans The Bravest iOS revew

Essentially this is a side-scrolling beat ’em up. It brought back memories of a misspent youth playing Golden Axe. Instead of axes though, you can beat opponents by lead pipes and axes.  If you get far enough (and I didn’t), you can even down your can of anonymous beer and then let out a rip roaring belch.

The game itself is fun to start with, and the approach certainly is original, but I found it got a little tiring after a while.  Personally I’d much rather have a drink and watch an actual game of football, minus the fighting of course (although I am a West Ham fan).

Hooligans ‘The Bravest’ is currently only available on iOS and will set you back £1.99. It is available here.