Windroid news – Marriage of convenience or love at first sight?

Windroid news   Marriage of convenience or love at first sight?

Rumours rumours rumours.  A day never passes in the tech world without rumours to fill the void.  Here are two more.

The busiest leaker in the business, evleaks, brought forth more discussion points today.  His/Her first message was simple:

Big news: Android-powered Lumia incoming, from Nokia by Microsoft

This suggests more than just another low-level X-series handset. The Lumia brand is all about quality and even the cheapest of Lumia phones have won plaudits for its build. This would be startling news indeed. Why would Microsoft opt for something like this?  Presumably it would make money on the handsets themselves, but it would surely spell the death knell for Windows Phone. Good news for Google perhaps.

Also released today was a related story, though not broken by evleaks. This time it suggested that Microsoft was working on an app or system modification whereby Android apps would be compatible with Windows Phone. This was not the first time such an idea had been floated, with some discussion earlier this year. It would presumably work in much the same way as the latest BlackBerry phones can access Android apps. Such a move would clearly make sense to Microsoft as it would close the app issue, but why would Google opt for it?

So, folks, we have two stories today.  One obviously would benefit Microsoft more, the other Google.  Quite possibly they’re both a load of tosh, but perhaps there is some logic to it.  As the Americans often say, ‘do the math’.