One Plus One to get Android L within 90 Days

One Plus One to get Android L within 90 Days

HTC recently announced that they would bring One M7 and M8 owners an update to Android L very soon after Google have finished it. Today OnePlus havevalso announced a similar timeframe for their elusive One handset.

In their official forum, Mike — one of the official staff member of OnePlus — announced that…

The company will indeed be bringing Android L to their handset within three months of Google releasing a final build.

If OnePlus do in fact keep this promise then credit should go to Cyanogen Inc as they are the software suppliers. OnePlus just need to work on getting devices into people’s hands.

Android L (I’m betting on Lollipop for the final name) is alleged to be the biggest update for the Android OS. It’s nice to see updates rolling out quickly to flagship devices, but still some ways to catch up with Apple.