Waterproof headphones ODOYO that really are waterproof

Waterproof headphones ODOYO that really are waterproof

I know what you need. Waterproof earphones, that’s what you need. I’ve lost count of the times that my in-ear buds have got wet and broken…


OK so that’s never happened, but if you’ve hankering for a pair, these ODOYO EP900i earphones are available for £25 from Phones 4u. They’re “waterproof sport earphones” and, jokes aside, it actually means that you can listen to music underwater – up to a metre under! Go swimming or do other water sports while bopping away to the latest one from Ed Sheeran.

Just don’t ask me how you’re going to keep your phone dry if you plug these into that…

The headphones are also dustproof, shock proof and they’re freeze proof too.

Get some more details below. We couldn’t find these on the Phones 4u website, but they should be in store.

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