Archos enters the Connected Home scene

The Connected Home is the ability to connect to various devices in your house. For example, cameras, movement sensors, temperature sensors which can then be controlled remotely.Archos enters the Connected Home scene

Archos are the latest company to get involved in the connected home scene and are offering up a range of products. At the centre of it all is the Archos Smart Home tablet which is used to manage all the connected “objects”. This can be tied to the Smart Home app on any Android and iOS device so users have full control wherever they are in the world.

The tablet can then be used to control the mini cams, movement tags and weather tags. Mini cams are about the size of a tennis ball and, as with all of the Connected Home kit, use Bluetooth to connect to the tablet.  This allows a range of 20m and up to 13 items to be connected at once. Movement tags detect movement and door openings whilst weather tags are used to measure temperature and humidity.

The starter kit which retails for £199.99 includes the tablet and two each of the cameras and both tags. You can buy extra add-ons starting from £29.99.

Archos enters the Connected Home scene

Archos say the system doesn’t require wires or drilling and due to that Bluetooth connectivity and you have a battery life of up to a year, which would make it really easy to maintain. Also, if you use Tasker you can combine the sensors to perform tasks, eg take a picture whenever the door opens and then send a picture to your phone. Other add-ons (sold seperately) are motion balls which are used to sense motion up to 10m away and can be used outside as they are waterproof and smart plugs which monitor energy use and can be used to turn devices on or off remotely.

Archos enters the Connected Home scene


To see the full range and to see some example scenarios of the devices working together head to the Archos website here.

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