EU Reduces Roaming Charges Cap yet again

EU Reduces Roaming Charges Cap yet again

EU Reduces Roaming Charges. Your holiday just got a bit cheaper.

Are you planning on taking a trip to one of our fellow EU Countries this summer? Well if you are you’re in for a treat. The EU has managed to reduce roaming charges yet again to help us all save a few pennies when we travel in the EU and to stop us coming home to some horrific phone bills just for making a few calls or checking Facebook. Since 2007 the EU has reduced roaming charges by over 90%.

So if you take a trip abroad here’s the maximum you will get charged from the 1st July 2014:

Data Usage – Reduced by 55% from a cap of £0.36/MB to £0.16/MB
Making Phone Calls – Reduced to 15 pence/min
Receiving Phone Calls – Reduced to 4 pence/min
Sending Text Message – Reduced to 5 pence/min

So that next trip abroad will be a little cheaper and you can still check your e-mails or update your Facebook status to taunt your friends. Although this is one of many reduced pricing caps by the EU over the years its aim is to remove roaming charges altogether across the EU. They’re making good steady progress and with companies such as Three already offering in bundle mobile usage in certain countries it shouldn’t be too far off.  Its just worth noting though that these are the maximum caps on charges so your network provider may charge you less if you’re lucky, so be sure to check out their international roaming charges before you go away.