Identify those anonymous calls – Whooming

Identify those anonymous calls   Whooming

Withheld or unknown numbers. I know I’m plagued by calls from them and the unwritten rule (usually) is for me to ignore them.

But what if you could actually identify those unknown numbers? Well, there’s a service called Whooming which will do just that. Perhaps the best way to show it working it to call their test number whilst withholding your caller ID. It’s a simple task – just use a landline and prefix with 141 or use these instructions to call from your mobile without revealing your number. If you’re in the UK you need to dial their test line on 02035146021 and then, as if by magic, your number will be revealed (albeit with the sensitive bits hidden so that it’s not revealed to idle browsers) on their live test page.

No more anonymous calls and prank calls. This will identify the number of person which usually shows as “anonymous”.

Identify those anonymous calls   Whooming

Just register and wait for the arrival of an anonymous call, then when in arrives, simply reject it (as I do anyway) and you’ll receive an automatic email containing the number of the caller. Muu hahahhaaa !!!

Download the app (Android only) from the Play Store for free, but don’t forget to register on their website first.

Apart from redirecting your dropped calls to their systems, we’re not totally sure how they do this, but it does indeed seem to work based on our testing. So now you can identify those “silent calls” and those multiple people who call me in the day and never leave messages.

An iPhone version is on the way soon.