Google to launch 180 satellites for global internet access?

If you want more people viewing your adverts content then one rather expensive solution is to whack a load of satellites into orbit so that a stack more people can get online.

Here in the UK we’ve had satellite internet access for some time, and those living “out in the sticks” have been able to have it installed to get their web fix. However, it all costs money and we’re fairly lucky to have wired internet access spreading further into rural areas.

Google to launch 180 satellites for global internet access?

However, if rumours from The Wall Street Journal is to be believed, Google are to spend $1 billion launching 180 small satellites to make web access even easier in really remote areas of the world. Operating at a lower altitude, it all sounds very familiar, as a company called Planet Labs is already putting camera-equipped shoebox-sized satellites in space now. Whether this is a new project or an investment and expansion info that one remains to be seen.

Many handset and OS manufactures are keen to tap into developing nations, where there’s a vast amount of people without smartphones currently. Mmm… New customers. Chi-ching!

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