Hands on with the LG G3

Hands on with the LG G3

I was present at the unveiling of the what is possibly the most leaked phone of 2014. LG threw launch events around the world to really get the word out there about their new flagship device – the G3. As I was at the event with my camera I thought I’d bring you some hands on shots of the new device and my initial thoughts. I had a few other devices with me on the night so I thought I’d do a few comparison shots also. The other phones used are the LG G2 and the OPPO Find 7a. So lets kick off with good and bad points.

Good Points

  • The feel in the hand.
  • The white version.
  • The ridiculously quick to focus camera.
  • The glorious screen.
  • Some of the software additions, such as the keyboard and the TV Remote.
  • The whole UI feels really quick and snappy.
  • Micro SD Slot.

Bad Points

  • The QuickCircle case feels cheap and plasticy.
  • The UK only gets a 16GB Memory model with 2GB RAM.
  • The 2K screen is still an unknown entity battery life wise regardless of what LG says.
  • The Gold and Silver models look a bit fake almost.
  • The UK is getting only 3 colours compared to the rest of the world.

Hands On Gallery

I took hundreds of pictures at the event and here are my favourites showing different elements of the phone.

Initial Conclusion

After spending a very short amount of time with the LG G3 here is my final thoughts on it. I liked it, the camera for me is the main thing, it is insane. The time taken to focus of 0.276 seconds is amazing.

The rest of the phone feels a bit iterative, with everything else feeling like a slight upgrade, the software additions are a little worrying as regards space taken, the pre production Korean models they had on display had about 10GB of the internal memory taken up with the LG stuff, so that’s worrying if we in the UK only get the 16GB model.

I guess we will have to wait for the official pricing and offical UK software before we can really comment on how great a phone it is going to be. I for one will probably be getting one.