Apple hire the head of the “Pure View” camera team

Apple hire the head of the Pure View camera team

Ari Partinen, the man who introduced Nokia’s “PureView” and had been the head of the company’s photography unit since 2007, has been hired by Apple to work on its iPhone camera systems.

We all know that Nokia has been famous for both it’s camera software and hardware. And in the ever increasing flagship spec war, the camera and is features are seen as a deciding factor, let’s be honest only a few people will see the difference between last year’s Snapdragon processor and this year’s, but a camera and the photo’s it can produce can be easily differentiated between.

Apple has filed a number of patents for camera capabilities including hot-swappable lenses and add-ons that might enhance its position as a premium camera.

And now the possibility of a iPhone with pure view technology in it, is a very interesting prospect indeed, maybe in the 6s or the iPhone 7 ?

Source The Guardian