Vodafone fixed price promise announced

Vodafone fixed price promise announced
Nasty price rises. Nobody wants that. Nasty unexpected price rises? They’re even worse.

Recently we’ve seen the uproar caused when mobile operators crank up prices mid-way through contracts, and – like utility providers – fixed-price offers could help to reassure potential and existing customers alike.

Vodafone have today announced that they will fix the line rental for all customers during the length of their contract. If you’re with them, you will not see any increases if you’re a Pay Monthly customer. Whether 12 or 24 months, you get the same treatment.

Cindy Rose, Consumer Director at Vodafone tells us..

We asked our customers what they thought was fair when it came to charging, and the clear majority told us that it was unacceptable to increase monthly prices during the contract term*.  So from now on, when you sign up with us, a deal’s a deal, and we promise the monthly price you pay will stay the same for the period of your contract term, provided you stick within your allowance.

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