Got a console? Wanna swap some games?

If you’ve got one of those Xbox 3DS’s, Microsoft PS4’s or Nintendo Sony Vita gadgets then you’ll know that the games are absolutely chuffin’ expensive. Step forward Jiggster, an app which will let you dive into a trading marketplace where you can sell or buy games.

I could spend an entire paragraph telling you all about the app, but I’ve got a great get-out plan.. a video ! Boom…

You basically download the app, tell it what console you own, tell it what your favourite game category is and it’ll match deals to suit. It’s a safe place to basically off-load the games you don’t want and grab the ones you do. Create your own deals to trade and don’t worry about fees or commission costs. Sounds OK to me.

Android only at the moment unfortunately, but you can grab more details on their website. Full press details below.