Fool your friends with a faked-up message conversation. It’ll be really funny, honest.

Fool your friends with a faked up message conversation. Itll be really funny, honest.
Y’know those hiLaRiOus text message conversations you see posted on the t’interweb? The ones that are just TOO FUNNY ? Yeah. Sure, you ignore the fact that a screenshot of each message was handily taken.

Come close. I’ve got a secret to tell you. Shh.. this is going to blow your mind.

MPs lie.

Oh.. no, wait. Sorry. That’s the other secret. The actual secret is that most of these supposed conversations are created as a joke. They get posted, tweeted, liked and InstaFacePinned by people who just about manage to hit the correct button on a web page.

Apologies in advance. I’m working another Bank Holiday and I have a serious grump on.

Anyways. If you want to make your own “hilarious” text message conversation and then post it somewhere to fool your special online friends (y’know, those ones on Friendface who aren’t really your friends) then fill your boots.