Wireless armour protective underwear

This may be a bit of a pants article and I’m aiming low so I do apologise if it does downhill rapidly.

Right, introductory puns out the way time for the actual story. Wireless Armour is the name of a new Indiegogo project that is looking to produce underwear that protects your nether regions from getting fried by any possibly harmful radiation emitted from wireless devices such as mobile phones, WiFi or laptops, which according to studies can reduce your sperm count by 59%.

Wireless armour protective underwear


The underwear features a silver mesh woven into the material to produce the effects of a Faraday cage, therefore eliminating 99.99% of mobile signals and 99.97% of WiFi signals from reaching your family jewels. The underwear is available as boxers or trunks and in two colours black or blue. There are even two protection levels available, 360 degrees or just the front 180 if you want to risk it.


There are numerous backing levels available with rewards ranging from pairs of pants all the way up to dinner for you and a friend with the boss, 16 pairs of underwear and pride of place on the wall of backers. This Ultimate Package (their words) will set you back £1500. Ladies, you don’t need to feel left out, either invest in some for your partner or donate £2 to help them research a bra with the same protective capabilities. They are looking for £30,000 in total by 28th May, if you want to help them head over to the source link.

Source: Indiegogo