Dangerous Drivers – Many mobile distractions found by Police

If we’re all honest with ourselves then we’ll perhaps admit to touching our phones whilst driving. Whether it be a quick press to drop a call, or even opening a text -it’s something we shouldn’t do.

Just last night, as I drove home, I saw a car on the opposite side of the road gradually drifting directly towards me. The driver wasn’t looking forwards, and did a sharp correction only at the last minute.

Today there’s news of more pre-occupied drivers, as a recent Police operation has revealed someone going one stage further – holding a FaceTime video conversation on his iPad whilst driving. The iPad wasn’t even mounted, it was sitting in his lap while the other person presumably watched the bottom of his chin.

Dangerous Drivers   Many mobile distractions found by Police

The full details, which can be found here, reveal other bad driving habits and some rather bizarre excuses, such as one driver who stated..

How am I supposed to know my speed?

The operation involved an unmarked tractor which allowed a better view into cars as they went by, and 436 vehicles were stopped in one month alone. One lorry driver from Lithuania was stopped after driving with one foot on the dashboard whilst texting.

Although many lorries had been stopped, Inspector Richard Mallett of the Surrey Roads Policing Unit said a number of car drivers were driving “appallingly”.