The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets updated to Android 4.4

A little while back Leigh wrote about a load of handsets getting a software update, including the Galaxy Note 2 getting an update to 4.3. Now it seems it is getting an update to 4.4.

The update will bring full screen album artwork, full KNOX functionality and Samsung wallet but won’t change the menu system to make it look like the S5. Whether that is a good or bad thing is entirely dependent on your opinion of the S5 menu, you can hear our thoughts about it on the latest podcast and it will no doubt come up in the S5 review. The update will improve general usability, add a camera shortcut to the lockscreen for quick picture taking and support for wireless printing abilities.

The update should be rolling out over the air with France the first country to receive it, although as per usual it will need to go through carrier testing and approval before release. Keep an eye out for OTA update or via the KIES desktop manager.

Source: Softpedia