NEST lands on Google Play store

Some of you may know what NEST is, however there are a large amount of people reading this who will be wondering just what we are talking about. No, it’s not where birds live. Not in this instance anyway.

NEST is a clever self-learning thermostat for your home that allows you to control the heating either on the device itself or on your mobile phone with the downloadable app.

It learns your routines and adjusts itself to be unique to your settings and is a very handy way of saving energy in the house.

NEST lands on Google Play store

How handy would it be on a hot summers day to be able to walk into the house to a nice cool room? NEST will be able to help you live that dream.

Costing £179.99 direct from Google Play, it’s a one-off cost device that works with a wide range of heating systems, so you have a good chance at being able to use one.

If you are interested in getting one of these for your home or office, or just want to see if your setup is compatible, go here.