Dropbox releases Carousel

Dropbox is an online cloud storage offering that allows you to sync your files to the cloud, and the app is available on computer, tablet and phone varieties. Now Dropbox have a new trick – Carousel.

Dropbox releases Carousel


Carousel allows you to not only save all your pictures to the cloud, neatly ordered by date and location, it also allows you to add comments and share albums or pictures easily with friends. It automatically combines all the photos on your phone with those stored in your Dropbox account and will automatically back up all the new pictures you take as well.

Once you have all the pictures you want you can easily share them with your friends and family, as long as they also have a carousel account, with comments as easily as sending a text message.


You can read more about the app at the Dropbox blog. If you want to download it, it is now available for iOS and Android on the links below.

Google Play

iOS app store