Taking ages to charge your phone? StoreDot have the solution

Battery technology clearly hasn’t kept up with our requirements. Most smartphone owners are now used to getting only a day at best from their devices and there’s a plethora of mobile chargers and car chargers to help bridge the gaps. We want slim phones and therefore slim batteries with a good lifespan.

But what of the charging process? Have you ever unplugged a phone after being on charge for an hour, only to find that it’s merely jumped 5-10% on the battery meter?

Taking ages to charge your phone? StoreDot have the solution

A start-up in Israel could have the answer. They’ve created a battery created from biological structures and it can fully recharge in just 30 seconds. Right now it’s a little chunky, but the makers say that they should be able to …

Integrate a battery into a smartphone within a year and have a commercially ready device in three years.

They showed their technology at the Microsoft “Think Next” Conference recently and charged a Samsung Galaxy S4 in just 26 seconds. The new battery technology uses (get this) some “very tiny self-assembling nano-crystals” which were actually first found during research into Alzheimer’s disease. There’s also plans to include this technology into memory chips, which could mean incredibly fast data access.

Hopefully this will mean that in a few years time, along with other technology such as wireless charging, we won’t be strapped to our chargers any more.

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