Windows Phone 8.1 has arrived, here’s what’s coming in 8.2 .. apparently

Windows Phone 8.1 has arrived, heres whats coming in 8.2 .. apparently
Before I begin this one needs to be firmly filed into the “rumour” section. Stick it right in there, because this is most definitely one of those rumours that you hear down the pub.

A Microsoft “employee” has, according to the Times Of India, taken to Reddit to let the world know what they’re working on in Windows Phone 8.2. The post has since been taken down, but the update is said to include video calling support for service other than Skype and an “interesting plan” to somehow close the gap between Google and Bing, although details are a little vague.

Windows Phone 8.2 will get a new feature allowing family and friends to be put into an “Inner Circle” and then be allowed to send texts to your phone even if the “Do Not Disturb” setting is on. You’ll also be able to get through if you’re an important contact and call three times. The default messaging app can be changed in this new update and Facebook will be pulled as the default setting. A new Facebook app is apparently under development.

The long-serving Microsoft employee is said to be part of the Core Operating Systems Group and he / she works on Windows Server, Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows, Xbox One.